Re: [Cowbell] Most useful to the most people


> A week or so ago I was looking for an app that had the feature similar
> to that of "Supper Tagging" in MusicMatch. Cowbell is definitely what
> I'm looking for. It's a very decent app.

Awesome, I'm glad you like it.

> However, the size of my list under "Applications » Sound & Video" is
> getting a bit big. I already use gnome-cd, rhythmbox, and soundjuicer to
> manage my music files -- and now cowbell.
> So my intent here is to ask this question and stir up some thought:
> What is the advantage to creating yet another standalone application for
> music management?

Having a standalone application to tag your music is actually in line
with the UNIX ideals -- do one thing, and do it right.  Cowbell does
just that -- it focuses primarily on making music tagging super simple.
You can't say that much for music jukeboxes that throw in everything and
the kitchen sink.  For example, Rhythmbox has "supported" tag editing
for several revisions, except by default its not compiled in.  If you do
enable it though, its quite tedious to edit anything; it almost seems
like an afterthought.  

Cowbell, on the other hand, has the latitude to optimize every behavior
that you do when you tag music.  Its just easier that way.

> To me it would make more sense to integrate the features of all of the
> above (and perhaps totem too) into a single application -- or provide
> them as plugins (the rythmbox / sound-juicer integration is nice, but
> far too weak).
> I like that, for the most part, I can stick someone in front of a Linux
> box with Gnome (particularly Ubuntu) and just say "figure it out" and,
> unlike windows or mac, they can easily find the applications they need
> and get work done without prior knowledge of the system - that is truly
> elegant. In furthering that cause, I see cowbell as a really powerful
> feature that can add to the simplicity of the end-user experience, but I
> think it would be most useful to the most people as an integral part of
> a mulitmedia app.
> Brad mentioned banshee to me so when that's finished compiling
> perhaps it will ease some of my mulitmedia woe -- couldn't cowbell be
> put into something like that?

Aaron (the developer of Banshee) and I talked about it, but decided that
a lot of the cool functionality like guessing the song information would
probably be too hard to shoehorn.  Banshee will most likely have some
manner of tag editing built in, but I doubt it will be able to present
as rich of an interface as Cowbell.

I'd be thrilled if my music player could do common tagging tasks for me,
but until that happens, Cowbell still has a purpose in life.


Brad Taylor
Genome Software LLC

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