Re: Conduit and Tracker

On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 1:12 PM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 2:01 PM, Debarshi Ray <debarshi ray gmail com> wrote:
>>> If your application uses local URIs to store photos, then you can
>>> upload/sync to anything by creating a file/folder ->
>>> flickr/facebook/ipod/etc conduit, and adding your photos to the
>>> file/folder source using the dbus API.
>> Ok.
>>> If you store photos using some
>>> internal representation then you wll need to create a dataprovider to
>>> extract the photo from your store.
>> No, we do not use any internal representation. Photos are just Gvfs
>> URIs which we come to know by querying Tracker.
>>> However, conduit does provide the
>>> configuration UI. This window is shown using the DBus API.
>> Does the "configuration UI" take care of the part where the user can
>> select which Flickr set/tag to import from or upload to, etc.? That is
>> the most difficult part in my view.
> photosets, yes, download by tag (no, but it would be trivial to add),
> upload and keep tags - that is a longer story. The infrastructure is
> in place behind the scenes to do tags as well, but we have not
> previously had any useful source that could populate them (until
> tracker came along).
> I am CC'ing JC2K who most recently hacked on tracker+conduit
> John
>> Thanks,
>> Debarshi
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>> imaginary part.
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The tracker backend probably won't work any more, the upstream dbus
api signatures have changed and there were some bugs in SPARQL
generation that tracker know chokes on - stricter validation - (i
think Conduit uses a copy of tralchemy, and the API has changed a lot
upstream). It also only had support for things like Contacts and
Calendar, but would have been able to add support for other backends

It should be easy enough for someone to pick up and run with...


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