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On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Debarshi Ray <debarshi ray gmail com> wrote:
>> Sometime ago I read about an effort to make Conduit work more closely
>> with Tracker. Recently I have been trying to build a photo management
>> program [1] that uses Tracker as its backend instead of a private
>> SQLite database. I am wonderin how I can reuse/integrate with Conduit
>> for "import/export" to webservices functionality? I saw that there is
>> a DBus API to interact with Conduit, but is there a plan to provide a
>> library of widgets that I can embed in my application?

Yes, there is an extensive DBus API that you can use to upload/sync
photos to any place supported by Conduit. Check out the nauitlus and
eye-of-gnome uploaders which use this interface in the tools directory
of a master git checkout.

If your application uses local URIs to store photos, then you can
upload/sync to anything by creating a file/folder ->
flickr/facebook/ipod/etc conduit, and adding your photos to the
file/folder source using the dbus API. If you store photos using some
internal representation then you wll need to create a dataprovider to
extract the photo from your store.

Regarding the embedding of UI elements, my opinion has always been
that the user of the API should provider those widgets as they known
their specific requirements (i.e do you just want a single Upload
button, a listview, etc etc). However, conduit does provide the
configuration UI. This window is shown using the DBus API.


>> [1]
> Ping?
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