Re: Conduit and Tracker

> If your application uses local URIs to store photos, then you can
> upload/sync to anything by creating a file/folder ->
> flickr/facebook/ipod/etc conduit, and adding your photos to the
> file/folder source using the dbus API.


> If you store photos using some
> internal representation then you wll need to create a dataprovider to
> extract the photo from your store.

No, we do not use any internal representation. Photos are just Gvfs
URIs which we come to know by querying Tracker.

> However, conduit does provide the
> configuration UI. This window is shown using the DBus API.

Does the "configuration UI" take care of the part where the user can
select which Flickr set/tag to import from or upload to, etc.? That is
the most difficult part in my view.

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