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On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 11:09 PM, Mats Taraldsvik
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> Hi,


Firstly, thanks a lot for all your work on this. It is much appreciated.

> looks dead now, at least I haven't been able to
> access it for some time.

Yeah, I have been having some difficulty with my server, where I host
the website. I am nearly out of disk space and it keeps going down.

> I would like some pointers on what, if anything, is missing from
> I've done my best to make it easy to read and
> navigate through.
> Feedback on this?

Yeah, I took a look a few weeks ago, and was just waiting for an OK
from you that you thought you had finished moving most of the content

For it to be complete I would like to retain some of the structure, at
least so I can write a simple apache redirect rule that will handle
the most common pages. For example -> ->

The first one works, the second one does not. Basically It would be
really great if was moved
to in the vast majority of
cases. I acknowledge that there is some additional docs on the lgo
wiki that are not present on the (the user docs),
so they can stay where they are.

I would also suggest making the landing page a bit simpler, like

But with release information.

> ##
> When this is done, I'd like to try coding. In particular, I'll need
> contact and calendar sync from evolution if I decide to buy the N900.
> Am I right to assume that I should do this through evolution's new(?)
> dbus interface (if these features does not already exist)?

No, it should still use evolution-data-server, and the python
evolution bindings in gnome-python-extras. libecal and friends are
still the recommended way to access evolution data. This should not
need any changes to Conduit, only testing and bug fixing.

> One should be able to sync contacts between evolution and the im clients
> also. Evolution's auto sync against Pidgin is very annoying, as it does
> not attempt to merge contacts - perhaps a contact sync through conduit
> could be used for this as well?

I do not use pidgin, but you are welcome to write a dataprovider for this.

> If this is impossible or very hard to do, I'd be happy to start
> contributing in other areas if someone could point me towards them.

The main thing at the moment is controlling the number of bugs, in
particular file sync. This requires writing tests, and then confirming
the bug, then fixing it. I know Jc2k was working on a new test
infrastructure, but I do not know if he finished it.

I have been busy with my PhD lately, and have not had much free time.
I would also like someone to volunteer as release manager, as any time
I have I would like to spend hacking, and not management overhead.

As an aside, I would like someone to look at all the scripts people
use to generate ChangeLog from git commit messages, and hack one into
the build system.



> ##
> Mats
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