, syncing contacts from evolution?

Hi, looks dead now, at least I haven't been able to
access it for some time.

I would like some pointers on what, if anything, is missing from I've done my best to make it easy to read and
navigate through.

Feedback on this?


When this is done, I'd like to try coding. In particular, I'll need
contact and calendar sync from evolution if I decide to buy the N900.

Am I right to assume that I should do this through evolution's new(?)
dbus interface (if these features does not already exist)?

One should be able to sync contacts between evolution and the im clients
also. Evolution's auto sync against Pidgin is very annoying, as it does
not attempt to merge contacts - perhaps a contact sync through conduit
could be used for this as well?

If this is impossible or very hard to do, I'd be happy to start
contributing in other areas if someone could point me towards them.



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