PPA Assistance and Bug/Patch Triage

Hi Guys,

I have been back working on Conduit over the last few days, reviewing patches, hacking, etc. I have been a little disappointed that Ubuntu did not pick up our stable releases. It feels like we will always be out of date on that platform.

To solve this problem I want to get some PPA packages for Ubuntu built. I am unfamiliar with debian packaging, so I would like to see if someone would be able to do this for me. Basically, I would really really like it if
1)     We had a conduit stable repository, that always has the latest Conduit release, installable for hardy, intrepid, jaunty
2)     We also have a conduit development repository that tracks SVN HEAD. What would be super cool was if there was also a script in conduit/scripts/build_svn_package.sh that executed the necessary magic commands to build a package, and uploaded it to the conduit development repository. It would also make sense to have a conduit/scripts/build_stable_package.sh script too.

If anyone could help with these tasks, I would be much appreciated.

Finally, if anyone has a favorite bug or patch in bugzilla, please tell me about it so I do not forget.


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