Re: Google Calendar Support


If you want a quick "fix", you can uncomment the following in

#        "GoogleCalendarTwoWay" : { "type": "dataprovider" },
        "PicasaTwoWay" :         { "type": "dataprovider" },
        "YouTubeTwoWay" :        { "type": "dataprovider" },   
        "ContactsTwoWay" :       { "type": "dataprovider" },
        "DocumentsSink" :        { "type": "dataprovider" },

And, in following method in the _GoogleCalendar class:

   def from_google_format(cls, calendar):
        uid = urllib.unquote('/')[-1])
        name = calendar.title.text
        return cls(name, uid)

...wrap the with urllib.unquote().  you will have to import urlllib.  basically, one of the gdata methods is taking the percent encoding of @ and doing in again resulting in %25%40.  so, this reverses the percent encoding out of so the gdata method can create a proper URI.

John, just wondering... what the major issues are with the google calendar sync besides this one?

>>  Hello,
>> I don't understand whether there is or isn't google calendar support.

>There is no Google calendar support in 0.3.15 or SVN head.

>It used to work in 0.3.4 but other things changed since then, and Google
>Calendar support bitrotted away such that I disabled it in recent releases.
>If someone is interested in maintaining Google Calanear then I can add it
>back in.

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