Re: Google Calendar Support

2009/2/6 Mike Benza <mikebenza gmail com>

I don't understand whether there is or isn't google calendar support. 

There is no Google calendar support in 0.3.15 or SVN head.

It used to work in 0.3.4 but other things changed since then, and Google Calendar support bitrotted away such that I disabled it in recent releases. If someone is interested in maintaining Google Calanear then I can add it back in.

I saw a page saying that Google Calendar was in 0.3.4, but apparently the latest is 0.3.15.  Furthermore, the 0.3.4 branch hasn't had a commit in more than a year.

That is a tag not a branch.

Basically, how do I sync my google calendar and contacts with Evolution?

Unfortunately it is not possible unless someone steps up to maintain the Google Calendar data providers.



- Mike

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