Re: Git branches etc.

It probably crashes because the config_name is set to tags, but there is no attribute with that name. Unfortunately, the changes from set/get_configuration to update_configuration had to change the configuration name from tags to enabledTags. The F-Spot dataprovider was using tags as the configuration name but enabledTags as the attribute name, and that is not what the new system was expecting. I noticed it when converting this dataprovider and made provisions it could get past that, but I didnt actually implemented it in the F-Spot dataprovider.
You could probably use this instead, in __init__:
            tags = ([], self.set_tags, self.get_tags),
That should have been there from the beginning.

Btw, I have changed the syntax lately and it'll probably render most of that code outdated. I'll explain later.

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:09 PM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:

Yeah, remove the expander. I also look forward to the new FSpot configuration, with its Start Fspot button. This gives us the opportunity to close 3 bugs at once (when it is working).

Actually, I just spent another 2 hours trying to get the FSpot dataprovider working, and I failed. No idea why it is not working, and the error messages are rather missing/unhelpful. No idea what is going on. Would you mind taking a look at it? Patch against HEAD attached


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