Re: Request for Help

Le lundi 31 août 2009 à 08:45 +1200, John Stowers a écrit :
>         2 others patches are tested, but not include for now in Ubuntu
>         packages :
>         07-programming-error-unicode.dpatch: See
>         08-escaping-caracters.dpatch: See
> I have had a few attempts at fixing these bugs, but was unsure of the
> accuracy of the change because they broke other tests in weird ways.
> My previous concern was that gnomevfs was completey dumb and
> inconsistent in its handling and returning of escaped and utf8 text. 
> GIO is better at the escaping part, and now that gnomevfs support has
> been remove I think it is possible, and am happy to commit an escaping
> fix that work on the GIO backend alone.
> I would like a test to be written for the encoding bug before it was
> committed.
> John
FYI, the 2 patches seem to work for people which having the bugs (see
the 2 links of Ubuntu bugs). I plan to upload this fixes to Ubuntu,
unless you have better fixes of course :)

Julien Lavergne 

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