Re: Request for Help

There is no so many patches in the Ubuntu packages :

disableSmugMugModule.dpatch : Disable the module because of a potential
license issue. Should not be include in git.
06-non-ASCII-folder-canvas.dpatch : Encoding problem (see Should be included.
00-remove-local-gdata.dpath : Use system-wide gdata. Should not be
include in git.

Ok, agree on both counts.
2 others patches are tested, but not include for now in Ubuntu
packages :
07-programming-error-unicode.dpatch: See
: See

I have had a few attempts at fixing these bugs, but was unsure of the accuracy of the change because they broke other tests in weird ways. My previous concern was that gnomevfs was completey dumb and inconsistent in its handling and returning of escaped and utf8 text.

GIO is better at the escaping part, and now that gnomevfs support has been remove I think it is possible, and am happy to commit an escaping fix that work on the GIO backend alone.

I would like a test to be written for the encoding bug before it was committed.



Julien Lavergne

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