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Hi there,

I just uploaded some fixes into the SVN regarding the Audio and Video converter and the iPod module.

I havent yet updated the iPod conversion parameters (I added a hint at the code), because I'm still testing with the values and havent found a way to make it work. Some places say you need to run a program to fix the SAR after the conversion is done, but I would like to avoid that, and I was able to play files in the iPod without this last step (using mencoder and ffmpeg directly, unfortunately).
I added some code to test if a file doesnt need to be converted. It could be used to upload pre-converted files to the iPod. It's not well tested yet. I should probably write tests for it. And it could possibly upload bad files to the iPod, because it's very hard to know if a file will be playable in the iPod.

And I added an option to keep converted files in the iPod module. It creates a "Converted Files" folder where the original file is, and puts the result of the conversion in that folder.
There is one issue where it doesnt use the setting right after you change it (it usually requires changing other settings to have any effect). I have investigated this issue but havent found the problem yet.

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 5:59 AM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:

Well, after my code was merged into trunk I made a series of fixes to the code, and I noticed most files wasnt going to be played in the iPod.
What I havent done yet is to write a few case tests to make sure it keeps working. With GStreamer, there is now way to know for sure if a file will be playable in the iPod. But if the transcoding suceeds, there is a high chance it will work. So I just have to include the iPod encodings into the test module.

I agree. Getting some working repeatable tests, and files that they operate on, is the number one priority for me. 

I added the iPod conversions to the test. The Xvid conversion wasnt working at all. It also revealed a deeper issue, in which it seems I cant use the GStreamer xvid encoder, only the encoder from ffmpeg inside GStreamer, which doesnt have all the features we need. I'm trying to get a solution.

Now that we have branched for GNOME 2.24, you should apply any changes to both branches.

How can I do this, without manually porting the changes over to another branch? Is there a SVN command to make it easier?

Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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