Re: crasher in SVN - Facebook module

2008/10/14 James Utter <james utter gmail com>

I'm having a trouble getting conduit to work from SVN due to a crasher
in the facebook module.


Apologies for taking so long to reply.

(Aside) I was playing around with conduit to sync my f-spot photos to
facebook, when I noticed that conduit doesn't rotate photos
automatically (according to EXIF data) when they are uploaded, so I have
started work on a small patch to do this (based on the patch for bug
#549861 [EXIF headers are lost when syncing resized pictures] ). Unfortunately this
is getting in the way.

That sounds like a good idea. 

After closing the "login page" window, conduit crashes (every time).

What do you mean by crashes. If the whole application crashes, i.e. segfaults, then this is likely due to a problem in gtkmozembed, and I would recommend using python-webkit instead. This has become the default in trunk, and in Ubuntu, IIRC.

See BROWSER_IMPL in conduit/ and conduit/

However looking at your traceback I see that the problem seems to be in my use of the facebook API. I will have a look into this tonight. I have created a bug on bugzilla about this issue. Please add any discussion to that bug.




Here is a traceback I get when I try to 'Refresh' the facebook sink, but
close the window instead of entering username and password:

[Web                 ][INFO   ] Logging in using browser: gtkmozembed
(thread: 1115937104) (
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Created login window (thread:
1115937104) (
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Wait for login (thread: 1115937104)
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Create page: (thread: 140316873484000) (
location: /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/
before 3
[WebBrowser          ][INFO   ] Configuring Mozilla profile dir
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Delete page (thread: 140316873484000)
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Finished login (thread: 1115937104)
[modules.Facebook    ][INFO   ] Trying Login (
[Syncronization      ][CRITICAL] UNKNOWN REFRESH ERROR: Wrapper:
Facebook sink (UID: FacebookSink-)
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 828, in
line 177, in refresh
line 102, in _login
   sleep_time=45,              #long sleep time to give time to login
if using system browser
 File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 181, in __init__
   login.wait_for_login(name, url, **kwargs)
 File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 150, in wait_for_login
   if testFunc != None and testFunc():
line 111, in _try_login
   rsp = self.fapi.auth.getSession()
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 474, in getSession
   result = self._client('%s.getSession' % self._name, args)
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 803, in __call__
   return self._parse_response(response, method)
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 777, in _parse_response
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 732, in _check_error
   raise FacebookError(response['error_code'], response['error_msg'],
FacebookError: Error 100: Invalid parameter
[Syncronization      ][WARNING] Sync Aborted (
[Syncronization      ][DEBUG  ] Deleting worker:
<RefreshDataProviderWorker(Wrapper: Facebook sink (UID: FacebookSink-),
stopped)> (
/usr/lib/bug-buddy/conduit.real: No such file or directory.

If I enter username + password, I don't get any errors on the command
line, but conduit still crashes. I am not sure how to debug it, since it
runs in a thread - how can I do something like a pdb.set_trace()?

Thanks in advance,

James Utter

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