crasher in SVN - Facebook module


I'm having a trouble getting conduit to work from SVN due to a crasher
in the facebook module.

(Aside) I was playing around with conduit to sync my f-spot photos to
facebook, when I noticed that conduit doesn't rotate photos
automatically (according to EXIF data) when they are uploaded, so I have
started work on a small patch to do this (based on the patch for bug
#549861 [EXIF headers are lost when syncing resized pictures] ). Unfortunately this
is getting in the way.

After closing the "login page" window, conduit crashes (every time).

Here is a traceback I get when I try to 'Refresh' the facebook sink, but
close the window instead of entering username and password:

[Web                 ][INFO   ] Logging in using browser: gtkmozembed
(thread: 1115937104) (
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Created login window (thread:
1115937104) (
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Wait for login (thread: 1115937104)
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Create page: (thread: 140316873484000) (
location: /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9/ 
before 3
[WebBrowser          ][INFO   ] Configuring Mozilla profile dir
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Delete page (thread: 140316873484000)
[Web                 ][DEBUG  ] Finished login (thread: 1115937104)
[modules.Facebook    ][INFO   ] Trying Login (
[Syncronization      ][CRITICAL] UNKNOWN REFRESH ERROR: Wrapper:
Facebook sink (UID: FacebookSink-)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 828, in
line 177, in refresh
line 102, in _login
    sleep_time=45,              #long sleep time to give time to login
if using system browser
  File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 181, in __init__
    login.wait_for_login(name, url, **kwargs)
  File "/home/james/conduit/conduit/", line 150, in wait_for_login
    if testFunc != None and testFunc():
line 111, in _try_login
    rsp = self.fapi.auth.getSession()
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 474, in getSession
    result = self._client('%s.getSession' % self._name, args)
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 803, in __call__
    return self._parse_response(response, method)
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 777, in _parse_response
"/home/james/conduit/conduit/modules/FacebookModule/pyfacebook/", line 732, in _check_error
    raise FacebookError(response['error_code'], response['error_msg'],
FacebookError: Error 100: Invalid parameter
[Syncronization      ][WARNING] Sync Aborted (
[Syncronization      ][DEBUG  ] Deleting worker:
<RefreshDataProviderWorker(Wrapper: Facebook sink (UID: FacebookSink-),
stopped)> (
/usr/lib/bug-buddy/conduit.real: No such file or directory.

If I enter username + password, I don't get any errors on the command
line, but conduit still crashes. I am not sure how to debug it, since it
runs in a thread - how can I do something like a pdb.set_trace()?

Thanks in advance,

James Utter

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