Re: Module proposal: Conduit for GNOME 2.24

> >   * [WIP] We have developed an eog plugin for photo upload to a number
> > of sites, directly from within the application
> Any chance of working on something similar for Totem and Cheese?

I am confident that video upload to Youtube and Vimeo will be added this
cycle as both services have nice APIs (and bindings). 

> > * Additional Information:
> > Our focus for this cycle is the support of mobile devices through both
> > libsyncml [5] and (python)gammu [6]. This will obviously introduce
> > additional dependencies on these libraries.
> And gnome-phone-manager, if I get off my butt.

Good to hear!

I'd like to see the UI reviewed before giving it a +1, as I've had very
> hard times understanding how to actually make it work. Something a bit
> more like iSync (at least for the "core" PIM data) would be nice.

I agree. Such an interface could be easily implemented atop the Conduit
DBus interface but I would prefer the consensus of what constitutes
'core' sync come in part from the GNOME community. 

For example one consequence of getting into GNOME would be that the
means for managing Tomboy sync would move from the Conduit GUI into
Tomboy [1].


[1] Well that's what I would like. I hope the Tomboy devs agree!

> Cheers

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