Re: Module proposal: Conduit for GNOME 2.24

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 23:35 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> On behalf of the Conduit [1] development team, I would like to propose
> Conduit for inclusion in GNOME 2.24 desktop suite.
>   gnomevfs,
>   * Our file/folder sync uses gnomevfs

That's not very GNOMEy anymore, GIO's the way :)

>   * [WIP] We have developed an eog plugin for photo upload to a number
> of sites, directly from within the application

Any chance of working on something similar for Totem and Cheese?

> * Additional Information:
> Our focus for this cycle is the support of mobile devices through both
> libsyncml [5] and (python)gammu [6]. This will obviously introduce
> additional dependencies on these libraries.

And gnome-phone-manager, if I get off my butt.
> We are looking forward to, and will be adding support for GIO/GVFS as
> soon as it is available to be used from Python.


> We have had firm expressions of interest from Tomboy and Cheese about
> using conduit for Sync and Export respectively. Conduits presence in the
> desktop set would make their dependency on us for this functionality
> more palatable.

As mentioned above.

I'd like to see the UI reviewed before giving it a +1, as I've had very
hard times understanding how to actually make it work. Something a bit
more like iSync (at least for the "core" PIM data) would be nice.


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