ANNOUNCE: Conduit 0.3.6

Hey Everyone!

I am proud to announce the seventh release in the Conduit development
series: Conduit 0.3.6

This is a quick follow up release to 0.3.5. It fixes a number of bugs
which were preventing some common sync scenarios.

 * Release Notes:
 * Download:
 * Screenshots/Screencast:
 * Test Results:

== Bugs Fixed ==
 * Fix two-way Tomboy <--> folder sync
 * Fix two-way GConf <--> folder sync
 * Don't recreate the backpack API every time we refresh
 * Fix Shutterfly to support image uploads and delete again (Jeremy Slater)
 * Fix attribution of Banshee dataprovider. It was contributed by Don Smith
 * Many fixes to image dataproviders

== New Features ==
 * Add option to right click menu to enable 'Always Up To Date' sync
 * Run the dataprovider tests by default.

== Known Issues ==
 * Does not yet support Tomboy SVN head features (Notebooks)
 * For two way F-spot sync remember to run F-spot from SVN. You must
also enable the F-spot preferences option "Allow other programs to
manipulate F-spot"
 * Gmail support is not yet robust

What is Conduit
Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to
synchronize your data between online web services
(Gmail,, Flickr, PicasaWeb,, etc) and your

What Can Conduit Do
For a list of all the services that conduit supports see

In the one way sync/export case Conduit is smart in the sense that if
a piece of data has not been modified then it will not be
synchronized/exported again, it will replace the existing data. In
addition if data is subsequently removed from a source then its
corresponding data will also be deleted.

In the two way case it can sync many different types of data and
notify you when there has been a conflict (two items modified at the
same time).

Conduit has a full featured DBus interface to allow other application
authors to use Conduit to perform the synchronization and export tasks
of their applications.

More and more people use online services to organise their life, I
hope Conduit can be the bridge between peoples computers and the web.

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