Conduit Status = Good

Hi Everyone

No doubt you will have noticed the high rate of activity on conduit
since I got back from holiday. I dont think I have accomplished so
much in such a short time before. I'm currently really happy about
where we are and where we are going. Basically 0.3.7 successfully
synchronized everything I threw at it today including
 * Tomboy <--> Evolution Memos, Backpack Notes, BoxDotNet files, Folder
 * Fspot --> All image dataproviders, Fspot <--> Fspot network
 * Many things --> iPod
 * File/Folder <--> File/Folder
 * GConf <--> Anything file like

And perhaps the biggest thing, all of this also works over the
network. If you have conduit running on two pcs on the same network
then you should be able to sync anything between them. To do this
perform the following steps.

On the first computer, connect the thing you want to sync up to the
Network dataprovider. e.g.
FSpot DBus <--> Network

On the second PC you should see a new category appear at the bottom of
the dataprovider list. In this category will be a FSpot DBus
dataprovider. Add this to the canvas. Also add a local FSpot
FSpot DBus <--> FSpot DBus
On this PC, select file -> sync, and now your two FSpot instances will
be synchronized.

 * Only works with FSpot svn and the FSpot Dbus dataprovider
 * Yes, we really need to better differentiate network dataproviders
on the canvas. Its a bit confusing...

If any scenario does not work, its a bug. And now I am confident to
say that the bug wont be major. The architecture seems good and
everything looks fixable that may pop up. Hacking wise some TODO items
 * Replace Picasa api with official google gdata one now that it
supports it. We get to delete code (yay) and it should not be too much
work (There is a complete example implementation at
 * Ongoing maemo ui work. I hear that pygoocanvas is going into
pymaemo package _real_ soon...
 * Anything listed at

I'm going to be doing a demo at, and I hear that some of
the team will be at FOSDEM. Exciting times ahead. Please keep me up to
date with what people are hacking on. I will be beginning a series of
blog posts on how to do shiny things with conduit soon.


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