Re: Shutterfly Patch

2008/1/16 Jeremy Slater <jasl8r gmail com>:
> Here is a long overdue patch to the Shutterfly module.  I was spending
> too much time trying to decode javascript and not enough time paying
> attention to the cookies in wireshark.
> Fixes (that I can recall):
> Simultaneous logins now work
> The correct LUID is returned after uploading a photo
> Uploading no longer hangs, worked around a bug in urllib2
> Additions:
> 'delete' support
> 'get' support (but Shutterfly is only a data sink for now)
> That's the important stuff.  Let me know if there are any issues.

This all seems to work well. I committed the patch, and enable the
ShutterFly test in the automatic test suite.

Let me know when you have two way up and running.


> Jeremy
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