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On Jan 15, 2008 1:42 AM, Thomas Van Machelen <thomas vanmachelen gmail com> wrote:
Hello Johns,

I was just having a look at the recent activity inside svn trunk, and
noticed some interesting commits, can you enlighten me a bit:

Yeah, I came back from holiday very refreshed, with lots of conduit motivation!

* John S, you seem to have succeeded in syncing two f-spots over the
network, how smooth was the process?  Did you use f-spot trunk?

Yes, F-spot and Conduit trunk. Using the f-spot dbus dataprovider. The steps are as follows
 * Build f-spot from SVN
 * Launch f-spot and select Edit->Preferences. Check the option that allows other programs to manipulated f-spot

On computer #1
 *  Launch f-spot
 *  Add f-spot dbus dp to canvas
 *  Configure to select the tags you wish to sync
 *  Connect network dataprovider to f-spot dp

On computer #2
 *  You should see a category with the name of computer #1's hostname. Add the f-spot dataprovider from this category
 *  Launch f-spot
 *  Add and connect a normal f-spot dbus dp (i.e not the one from the network). Configure this DP to select the tag you want the imported photos to have
 *  Sync

That seems to work quite well. Outstanding bugs
 * Add a position argument to is_configured() and make derived dps have to override it instead of the current yucky need_configuration() business. This will dps to detect when they are in the sink position and require less configuration
 * Testing
 * Occastional failures because (maybe) we use pickle.dumps and xmlrpc.Binary and we could use pickle.dump instead. It barfs at invalid chars occasionally

Please test. I am doing release preparations now. I want to get something out with the next unstable gnome desktop release (in a few days)


* John C, one of your commit messages says: "No more python-avahi dep"
 Does this mean that you talk to avahi exclusively over dbus now?
This would be good news as it means we no longer need to pack
python-avahi for Maemo.  Plain avahi packages are available in the
maemo extras repository.

To all, what are your fosdem plans?  John C mentioned everyone would be there?

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