Re: Conduit Trunk Activity

Hi Thomas

On Jan 14, 2008 12:42 PM, Thomas Van Machelen
<thomas vanmachelen gmail com> wrote:
> Hello Johns,
> I was just having a look at the recent activity inside svn trunk, and
> noticed some interesting commits, can you enlighten me a bit:
> * John S, you seem to have succeeded in syncing two f-spots over the
> network, how smooth was the process?  Did you use f-spot trunk?
> * John C, one of your commit messages says: "No more python-avahi dep"
>  Does this mean that you talk to avahi exclusively over dbus now?
> This would be good news as it means we no longer need to pack
> python-avahi for Maemo.  Plain avahi packages are available in the
> maemo extras repository.

Indeed, i copied out the bits we need from python-avahi (just
constants and a helper function or two, nothing thats likely to
change) into specifically to avoid python-avahi. Not nice,
but important for now we think. nzjrs told me off and tidied it up a
commit or so later..

> To all, what are your fosdem plans?  John C mentioned everyone would be there?

nzjrs probably won't make it now - $$$ for 2 days. I think we are
looking at GUADEC instead... But jonnylamb and myself should be there.
kenvandine is there i believe, so i'm hoping to talk about conduit in
Foresight's next release.. ;) There are also a couple of people from
the SynCE community too.. Theres a guy who might eventually take on
the Konduit effort too.

I have no plans at all yet... Other than to somehow get there :-)


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