Re: evolution dataproviders in 0.3.8

2008/2/26 Jeff <web kiddo free fr>:
>  hello, I just tried out the 0.3.8 package for conduit in the launchpad PPA,
> but I couldn't see any data providers for evolution tasks/calendars,
> although these are mentionne in the documentation. What's up with that? :)

I think you need python-evolution from the gutsy repositories as well
[1].  Can you install them and see what that gives you?


>  The top 3 reasons I would need conduit are for tasks, calendars, and
> folders (all to keep my laptop and desktop in sync). What is the status on
> those three? Is it that they are too experimental to be included in the PPA?
>  Also, should I assume that the evo data providers work with e-d-s, and so
> when my laptop uploads new calendar events onto my desktop, even if the
> evolution calendar app (or pimlico Dates) is running, those should
> automagically appear on the screen?
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