Re: evolution dataproviders in 0.3.8

> >  hello, I just tried out the 0.3.8 package for conduit in the launchpad PPA,
>  > but I couldn't see any data providers for evolution tasks/calendars,
>  > although these are mentionne in the documentation. What's up with that? :)
>  I think you need python-evolution from the gutsy repositories as well
>  [1].  Can you install them and see what that gives you?
>  [1]

The python-evolution bindings in gutsy are too old I think. The PPA is
building python-evolution 0.0.4 for lpia, i386 and amd64 as i type. If
you install those then your Conduit should show the various Evolution
bits and pieces.

>  >  The top 3 reasons I would need conduit are for tasks, calendars, and
>  > folders (all to keep my laptop and desktop in sync). What is the status on
>  > those three? Is it that they are too experimental to be included in the PPA?

The Task, Calendar and Folder dataproviders should be fine. To sync PC
to laptop you will need to use the Network stuff that Brent mentioned,
which is probably the most experimental part of the setup.

>  >  Also, should I assume that the evo data providers work with e-d-s, and so
>  > when my laptop uploads new calendar events onto my desktop, even if the
>  > evolution calendar app (or pimlico Dates) is running, those should
>  > automagically appear on the screen?

My initial tests of the first network sync code months and months ago
showed that is what happens - its quite magical to see :-)

We've not gotten much feedback on this use case and 0.3.8 is still a
development release, so please be gentle :-)


P.S. 0.0.4 finished building already..

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