Re: Google App Engine

Awesome! I actually wrote up a GSOC proposal to basically do the same
thing against the google spreadsheets API, obviously appengine
presents a more... complete solution. I've been playing around with
the SDK, its pretty straightforward, and should work well. The obvious
concern with any 'point source' is making sure we could continue to
offer it, even as conduit grows. Now Google is cool, and probably
would be willing to make an arraignment if we had a real tangible use
for it. I see it as a great means of storing and syncing 2 main 'sets'
of data
1) Conduits settings and mapping db itself. read: I sit down at my new
laptop, enter one password, and have everything synced down to you
from all your different web accounts etc.
2) Cool desktop metadata that has no real home on the web (yet ;) ).
Things like playlists, chat logs, settings, ratings, tags, tasks, or
even browser history (some of these things do have specialized
services offered, but there's also a reason that they haven't caught

Most importantly, by having the potential for an independent and
available mapping source, we could have intelligent N-Way syncs
between different machines, while services like do allow for
this to an extent, this is where an intelligent sync service would
really rock.

My $0.02, Lemme know if I'm on a whole different world ;)

Kevin Kubasik
2008/4/21 Brent Gueth <creeva gmail com>:
> Well I got into the Google App Engine beta - since I'm not a programmer I'm
> the type of guy that makes it longer for real programmers to get in.  That
> being said I can create a new project and invite third party developers to
> work with it - hint hint.
> It seems I can only create three projects - one I am keeping for my want to
> play with python implmentation.   I was going to donate the other two (until
> it's officially open for all) to the conduit porject - one beta testing and
> one we can use for a live plugin.   What do you guys think?
> If we can use the App Engine as the definitive online back up source and
> cross reference for syncing, then I see conduit becoming the centralized
> point that makes conduit the true conduit to allowing gnome to be the cloud
> computing platform.
> To keep everyone from jumping on the bandwagon, I'll leave decision to John
> on how to proceed on this (aka I don't know if there is a limit to the
> number of developers I can invite on a project so I want to make sure this
> is coordinated to people with the appropriate skills first)
> Brent
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Kevin Kubasik

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