Re: Google App Engine

Well I didn't want to announce anything when there wasn't even any
vapor, let alone ware.. My invite came through too. I've set up up a project (app id is "conduit-online"). So far i've added
John S to the developers area. I've not done anything else yet because
we need a plan. I don't really see any advantage to rolling our own
alternatives to Google Contacts/Calendar/Notes/etc, and with only
500mb space in the "live" plugin im not sure what useful data we could
store there.. Thoughts?

2008/4/21 Brent Gueth <creeva gmail com>:
> Well I got into the Google App Engine beta - since I'm not a programmer I'm
> the type of guy that makes it longer for real programmers to get in.  That
> being said I can create a new project and invite third party developers to
> work with it - hint hint.
> It seems I can only create three projects - one I am keeping for my want to
> play with python implmentation.   I was going to donate the other two (until
> it's officially open for all) to the conduit porject - one beta testing and
> one we can use for a live plugin.   What do you guys think?
> If we can use the App Engine as the definitive online back up source and
> cross reference for syncing, then I see conduit becoming the centralized
> point that makes conduit the true conduit to allowing gnome to be the cloud
> computing platform.
> To keep everyone from jumping on the bandwagon, I'll leave decision to John
> on how to proceed on this (aka I don't know if there is a limit to the
> number of developers I can invite on a project so I want to make sure this
> is coordinated to people with the appropriate skills first)
> Brent

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