Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

> > I'm sure many of you will be familiar with my emails in the past, I am
> > unhappy about the current dispersed and non integrated fashion with
> > which this functionality is being developed. but I want to talk about
> > it in the context of ubuntu.
> No, I'm not - could you point to your mails about those topics?

Hi Daniel. I guess he means the emails we discussed in #opensync. They
are available here as "Hardy: Time for sync project focus...":

> > So if you have any issues you want me to bring up; or your attending
> > and would like to take part. please do reply and register on the
> > blueprint as required.
> Is there any plan to support the development of OpenSync by providing some 
> people to actually develop on OpenSync Core and the OpenSync core plugins or 
> even on libsyncml? Currently I only hear that everyone is planning to use 
> OpenSync, but everyone just wait until OpenSync is "ready". I don't want to 
> sound rude ... but the development ressource of OpenSync are very limited and 
> could need some more people which help on hacking on OpenSync and solve 
> complex tasks. I already spent 110% of my spare time on OpenSync development, 
> but thats seems to be not enough... and no! OpenSync is not part of my 
> regular work.
> Not quite sure how you involved into Ubuntu, but could you fix Ubuntu Gusty 
> and upgrade to libsyncml 0.4.2 at least? libsyncml 0.4.1 is broken and year 
> old - and currently i get overloaded with user request from Ubuntu Gusty 
> users which can't sync because Gusty got shipped with libnsymcl 0.4.1. If 
> version update isn't acceptable - could you at least apply:
> best regards,
> Daniel

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