Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

On Wednesday 31 October 2007, Martin Owens wrote:
> I've pushed the syncing engine and support issue into the UDS as I'm
> here all week; I want to talk seriously about how we can start to
> integrate conduit and opensync in a coherent set of functionality for
> the ubuntu desktop.
> I'm sure many of you will be familiar with my emails in the past, I am
> unhappy about the current dispersed and non integrated fashion with
> which this functionality is being developed. but I want to talk about
> it in the context of ubuntu.

No, I'm not - could you point to your mails about those topics?

> So if you have any issues you want me to bring up; or your attending
> and would like to take part. please do reply and register on the
> blueprint as required.

Is there any plan to support the development of OpenSync by providing some 
people to actually develop on OpenSync Core and the OpenSync core plugins or 
even on libsyncml? Currently I only hear that everyone is planning to use 
OpenSync, but everyone just wait until OpenSync is "ready". I don't want to 
sound rude ... but the development ressource of OpenSync are very limited and 
could need some more people which help on hacking on OpenSync and solve 
complex tasks. I already spent 110% of my spare time on OpenSync development, 
but thats seems to be not enough... and no! OpenSync is not part of my 
regular work.

Not quite sure how you involved into Ubuntu, but could you fix Ubuntu Gusty 
and upgrade to libsyncml 0.4.2 at least? libsyncml 0.4.1 is broken and year 
old - and currently i get overloaded with user request from Ubuntu Gusty 
users which can't sync because Gusty got shipped with libnsymcl 0.4.1. If 
version update isn't acceptable - could you at least apply:

best regards,

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