Current Work

Hey Guys,

Just a quick rundown on what I am up to, and want to complete over the next two weeks. Im about halfway complete replacing the in memory mappingDB with a sqlite one. While doing that I will also encapsulate the LUIDs (and mtimes) used for identifying data within a new Identifier object which will optionally support hashes for better opensync compatibility.

I will also use the new DB abstraction in the File/Folder dataproviders to weaken the gtk dependancy

Finally I want to move conduit/dataproviders to conduit/modules and put some of the dataprovider utility classes into the dataprovider directory. The idea is that 'file like' dataproviders are quite common, and having them as part of the conduit lib means that multiple loadable modules may inherit from them ( conduit.dataproviders.FileSource, etc)

So, whats up?


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