Re: Packaging (dataproviders) modules


Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> I am working on the Ubuntu packages of conduit and evolution-python
> (which will be renamed to python-evolution according to Debian's python
> policy).
There is an evolution-python module in Debian's NEW[1] queue that is
maintained with the Python Modules Team[2].
It would be great to have more eyes looking after the package, so I
would much welcome your help there.
The packaging is pretty much standard except for the sed line in
debian/rules that cuts the build-dependencies (John already did great
work there after the first version was uploaded, so we can prune a good
deal of the libraries from the pattern). I was planning to wait with an
update until the package got out of NEW, but if your plans include
speedier processing, that'd be cool with me as well.
I'm looking forward to working with you on evolution-python packaging.
(I might have less personal interest in the other data-providers, but if
you consider them a natural match, that should not keep us from

Kind regards


1. And on
Thomas Viehmann,

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