Packaging (dataproviders) modules


I am working on the Ubuntu packages of conduit and evolution-python
(which will be renamed to python-evolution according to Debian's python

John came up with the idea to separate the dataproviders into different
packages, since the NetworkModule would e.g. require twisted python

So we could basically ship each dataprovider in its own package. But
this would on the one hand result in a lot of packages and on the other
side most dataproviders are self hosting, so don't depend on any further

Another way could be to ship most modules with the conduit package and
only separate the packages with external dependencies. As far as I know
this would affect the following dataproviders:

 - NetworkModule -> twisted
 - SynceModule -> AFAIK synce with dbus is not available for
Debian/Ubuntu yet
 - EvolutionModule

Finally we could combine the basic dataproviders in a
conduit-core-modules package (Files, Settings ...) and separate the
other ones e.g. conduit-module-evolution or conduit-module-network.



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