Re: support MJPEG based webcams

On Do, 2008-03-13 at 13:08 +0000, Ioannis Nousias wrote:
> > yeah, we are doing such a probing, but we do not insert a decodebin
> > element. if you want, you can have a look into cheese-webcam.c and see
> > if you are able to add your device somehow!
> >
> >   
> Thanks, I did. My distro (ubuntu gutsy) doesn't meet cheese's 
> prerequisites, so I've installed hardy on a VM, but usb is flaky (I can 
> rarely get it to map on the VM). By the way I've met a segfault (why 
> does it start from index 1 when looking for available webcams?). I'll do 
> some tests later.
> As far as I understand, 'decodbin' is non-intrusive when the stream is 
> uncompressed. It simply forwards it. It probably is cleaner to simply 
> add a 'decodebin' (and probably an 'ffmpegcolorspace' as well) in the 
> pipe rather than having explicit checks for possible cases, since these 
> are already done by the 'decodbin'. Similarly why I didn't suggest using 
> 'jpegdec'. Mind you, I doubt there is a webcam with some other form of 
> compression. In fact, mine is not even a webcam. It's a regular camera 
> with a webcam mode of operation. However, my rule of thumb is to make as 
> little assumptions as possible.

i wouldnt just add a gst element, just because it doesnt do anything.
this can have performance regressions and stuff of that kind.


> Anyway, I'll play with it and see how it behaves on different devices.
> regards,
> Ioannis
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