Re: Invoke "Quick Event" from external application via parameter or DBus?

I would like to write a plugin for the "Kupfer" command launcher to add an event to California via the "Quick Event Syntax". Is there a way to pass such a string to california and maybe even get some sort of return value, like information about of how the string has been interpreted and the fields have been matched?

I am thinking of a command line parameter or some kind of DBus API call.
If not, I suppose that this would make a valuable addition, as the "Quick Event" functionality is imho predestined for being called by external applications.

I think that's a great idea.  There's no such faculty today for this, but I could imagine a couple of ways to do it.

What kind of information were you thinking would be returned?  Quick Add creates a pretty complicated data structure.  What elements of it do you think should be returned, and in what format should they be returned?

-- Jim

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