Can't get natural language recognition to work

I've been trying to add an event using the natural language feature, but I just
can't get it to work. :(

I'm clicking on a day and typing "Reunión con J at 1900" ("Reunión con J" is
the name I want for my event), but it just adds the whole thing as an event
name, and makes this a full-day event.

I've tried the following variations:

  At 1900hs reunión con J
  At 1900 reunión con J
  Reunión con J at 1900
  Reunión con J at 1900hs

None of these were recognized properly.

I *did* try to use US-formated time: "Reunión at 7pm", and this *did* work,
however, my locale is set to properly, and does not use US-format for the time
(or date for what that matters):

$ env | egrep ^LC

I'm using version 0.2.0, git commit gc09c3d3.

Do I need to do anything else? Am I doing something wrong?


Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
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