Re: Libical Dual License

> I'm glad to hear of the new license terms, and hope that we can make
> good use of libical.  I've subscribed to the libical mailing list,
> and, unless one of the principal developers of gnomecal wants to do
> it, I'll volunteer to work on/coordinate the integration from the
> gnomecal side.  (Of course, what that means is still unclear to me;
> are we going to continue to improve the current gnomecal code base,
> or are we waiting to move to the new integrated app?)

We are moving toward a new integrated app, but integration is achieved
by means of Bonobo components.  So gnomecal will just become a Bonobo
component (we might still provide an alias "gnomecal" that will be a
5-line program that basically embeds a GnomeCal Bonobo object)


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