Re: Libical Dual License

Miguel wrote:

> We are moving toward a new integrated app, but integration is achieved
> by means of Bonobo components.  So gnomecal will just become a Bonobo
> component (we might still provide an alias "gnomecal" that will be a
> 5-line program that basically embeds a GnomeCal Bonobo object)

Right- I understood that.  What I wasn't sure was whether the Bonobo component would just steal very large amounts of code from the current gnomecal, or if it would be a wrapper added to the current code.   I take it from this that any changes we make to HEAD (such as integrating support for iCalendar files using libical) will be automatically included in the Bonobo version.  Is that right?  (BTW, do we have any developer documentation on Bonobo, or do you suggest that I just look at the code to learn about it?  All I saw in the white papers was a fairly high level description of the object model.)

So with that in mind, and since you didn't indicate that you had any objection to my volunterring, I'll start looking into how to add support for libical.  Since it's probably bad to require even HEAD to link against libical at this point, I'll probably create a new branch for doing the integration- does that sound OK to you?  (digs out CVS documentation to figure out how exactly to do that...)


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