Re: Libical Dual License

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999 00:38:49 PDT, Eric Busboom wrote:

>This dual license is part of the unreleased checkpoint version 0.12b:
>I am on calendar-list now, so I'll be following along with your
>development. Getting a user is a top priority for libical, so I am 
>happy to help with any iCal integration you'd like to do. 

I'm glad to hear of the new license terms, and hope that we can make good use of libical.  I've subscribed to the libical mailing list, and, unless one of the principal developers of gnomecal wants to do it, I'll volunteer to work on/coordinate the integration from the gnomecal side.  (Of course, what that means is still unclear to me; are we going to continue to improve the current gnomecal code base, or are we waiting to move to the new integrated app?)

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