Libical Dual License

The Libical README how has the following text: 

>The code and datafiles in this distribution are licensed under the
>Mozilla Public License. See for a
>copy of the license. Alternately, you may use libical under the terms of
>the GNU Library General Public License. This dual license ensures that
>the library can be incorporated into both proprietary code and GPL'd
>programs, and will benefit from improvements made by programmers in both
>realms. I will only accept changes into my version of the library if they
>are similarly dual-licensed.

This dual license is part of the unreleased checkpoint version 0.12b:

I am on calendar-list now, so I'll be following along with your
development. Getting a user is a top priority for libical, so I am very
happy to help with any iCal integration you'd like to do. 


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