Re: LibICal license

> My uninformed guess was that the GPL didn't prevent linking in non-GPL'd
> code. I couldn't determine this from the text of the GPL, but I figured if
> the GPL would prevent you from using MPL'd code, it would also prevent you
> from using LGPL'd code, and that doesn't seem sensible. 

Well, the MPL conflicts with the GPL, as it adds further restrictions
to those outlined on the GPL (and the GPL forbids linking code that
has more restrictions than those present on the GPL).

So, it is not possible to link MPL code with GPL code.

LGPL code on the other hand has the same restrictions (even less
actually) than the GPL, so it is ok to link it with GPL code.

> Either way, I don't mind applying a dual license to the code, but you'll
> have to tell me how to do it. Can I just add the GPL to the root of the
> distribution and add a note to the README, or do I have to change the text
> of all of the files?

Only release the package with both licenses and in the README file
mention that you are releasing the package under both licenses and
request contributors to provide their contributions under both

That would make us inmensely happy.

best wishes,

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