Gnomecal standards target

Miguel (and other gnomcal hackers):

While investigating the changes to the alarm code which I mentioned 
in my last message to the list, I realized that I was unsure of an 
essential piece of information: what vCal standard are we aiming at?

>From inspecting the code and the current file format, it seems we are 
complying with vCalendar 1.0 (I think), as implemented by the 
libversit library.

A few months ago, however, there was traffic on the list that 
indicated that we were following  RFC 2445: Internet Calendaring and 
Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar).  While the latter 
is clearly a revision of the former, it changed the syntax for 
defining alarms (among other changes).

As a practical matter, I assume that we are going to stick with the 
older syntax (AALARM, DALARM, etc.) since that is what libversit 
implements and what our current code uses.  I think, though, that 
that will limit us to one alarm of each type (a fairly large problem 
in my eyes).  But porting to the new format could be a major 

Comments?  Am I just missing something important?


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