Potential UI change- comments requested


I've been working some major changes to the alarm framework, with the 
primary goal of allowing an unlimited number of alarms for a given 
event (the current architecture only allows one of each type).  While 
I still have a lot of code to write before I'm at that point, I've 
almost finalized the UI changes and wanted to get comments/objections 
before I proceed further.

If I press the correct buttons in my mail client, attached should be 
a screenshot showing the modified event editor and four "Alarm 
Details" dialogs, showing the four different states of that box 
(controlled by the radio button at the left).  For the curious, I had 
to use four concurrent gnomecals to generate the screen shot, since a 
given process will only allow one alarm details box at a time.

The code for updating the alarm list in the event editor is not yet 
written, but you can imagine the GtkCList at the bottom filled in 

Comments are appreciated, especially if there's some fundamental 
objection to this change I should know about before I get further 
into this.


PS: As you'll also notice, the audio alarm dialog allows the user to 
specify a sound file, as provided by the vCal spec; I figured I'd 
implement that while I was poking around the alarm code in any case 
(although a code contribution would be quite welcome).


Russell Steinthal		Columbia Law School, Class of 2002
<rms39@columbia.edu>		Columbia College, Class of 1999
<steintr@nj.org>		UNIX System Administrator, nj.org

NOTE: My address steintr@avnet.org will stop working soon... Use one
of the current alternatives listed above!

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