Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

 Martin Biely writes:
 > a litte miss understanding here. I was talking about a method in the IDL
 > that allows the "pilot" to ask which IDs do (still?) exist.
 > the IDs would be saved in the vcard/cal file with the item it belongs to.
 > the UID property should provide this functionality.

All that is nice, but someone needs to keep track of ids that no
longer exist. That's the issue. We can't use pilot as
reference. Local store alone must be able to identify which IDs were
deleted since the last sync. Just knowing which IDs still exist are
not enough. (But is necessary anyway). Someone else suggested using
X-Tombstone additional attribute that would cause gnomecard to ignore
the record, but it will still be there to remember the ID that was
deleted while needed. Something like that is what needed.

 > the REV attribute is optional so other implementations do not have to support 
 > it. I do not see why one should not use it. (but what do I have to say)

I wouldn't object to using REV either, but I don't think I have much
to say myself :)


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