Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

Martin Biely writes:
 > > Eskil Heyn Olsen writes:
 > >  > On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Vadim Strizhevsky wrote:
 > >  > This is true for gnomecal as well. There isn't any good solution to detect
 > >  > a deleted item. and purge it from the palmpilot as well.
 > > 
 > > Bummer.
 > AFAIK every item in a vcalendar/vcard object has an id, it would be possible
 > to use a string of current IDs to see which are still there and which 
 > where deleted, this does howerver not change the modification problem. 

There's only one problem with that, where do you store the string of
current IDs? I don't think there's a place within the vcard/vcalendar
file for that, so you're back to needing a separate file.
 > >  > > ignored. I could do deletion by using a separate file, but that's
 > >  > > ugly.
 > I don't know if this is more beautiful, its just an idea.

I think it's the same one :) And it would work, it's just not nice,
Unless you can think of how to store the string of current ids in the
same file as vcards withouth breaking the vcard spec.

Even better solution would be if there was ability to have a VCARD
record still present in the file, but just marked deleted and ignored
by gnomecard. Could be done with custom attribute, but I don't know
if that would be breaking the spec.

Modification could also be done pretty easily with custom attribute
and proper support on gnomecard side. Or alternatively you could use
REV attribute, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.


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