Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

Miguel de Icaza writes:
 > > For example it only has one
 > > Phone and one Email, when Pilot and vCard both can support multiples of 
 > > these.
 > Well, we can fix this by adding an argument "which" to the interface.

No, you'd have to to make both of these fields in vCard structure
sequences instead of strings. At least the way things are right now.

 > Still, I am convinced that we want simpler CORBA interfaces.

Are we looking at the same interface?  There are only 3 functions that
I see:

  interface vCard_server {
    vCard_seq get_records ();
    vCard get_record (in string UID);
    void set_record (in string UID, in vCard record);

For one how about ability to delete a record? Or maybe get all IDs
instead of all records. But that is just for starters. Now that I
carefully looked at GnomeCal idl I do like, but implementing something
like that could imply fare amount of changes to gnomecard.

Also to really support pilot we need indicator that particular record
was modified or deleted locally. This is currently not done by
gnomecard and thus any deletions or modifications locally will be
ignored. I could do deletion by using a separate file, but that's
ugly. Modification flag though absolutely requires gnomecard
supporting it.


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