Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Vadim Strizhevsky wrote:

>  > Still, I am convinced that we want simpler CORBA interfaces.
> Are we looking at the same interface?  There are only 3 functions that
> I see:

Are you talking about the same thing ? Miguel is talking about loosing the
vCard struct and using an interface like gnomecals. It transfers records
as strings (in vcal format) but has methods like get_object_by_pilot and

Gnomecal has been extended to support pilot ids pilot status.

More methods in the interface, fewer structs.

> Also to really support pilot we need indicator that particular record
> was modified or deleted locally. This is currently not done by
> gnomecard and thus any deletions or modifications locally will be

This is true for gnomecal as well. There isn't any good solution to detect
a deleted item. and purge it from the palmpilot as well.

> ignored. I could do deletion by using a separate file, but that's
> ugly.

Been there, do not walk that road...


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