Re: GnomeCard conduit for gnome-pilot

> I've written the first version of GnomeCard conduit for
> gnome-pilot. Similar to the current GnomeCal conduit. With your
> permission I'd like to commit it to cvs under
> "gnome-pim/gnomecard". Please let me know if that's Ok.

I have no objections.  Have you talked to Eskil?  He might be
interested in knowing that this conduit exists.

> Currently it writes/reads directly to .gcrd files (using functions
> from card.h)  because current corba idl is not completely enough for
> all pilot's fields. 

I think it is a mistake that the addressbook CORBA interface is
specific to the field-level.

I rather use the approach used in GnomeCal: transfering entire vCard
records between the conduit and the addressbook.  And having the
conduit modify this and send an updated version to the calendar.

Providing lots of interfaces and lots of CORBA methods sounds to me
like a bad idea in general.

> It is also my understanding, please correct me if I'm wrong, that
> there are plans to significantly
> change/rewrite/merge/replace/whatever gnomecard into something
> else. So I guess this conduit can act as a tempororary thing
> currently, till this happens.

Well, we can definetly use this code in the next "thing" anyways.  The
next thing is called evolution.


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