Re: Random thoughts about possible enhancements.

On Sat, Mar 13, 1999 at 06:21:54PM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> There are a number of changes planned for the gnomecal, but they will
> need some time:

>      - New backend ...
>      - Improved TODO list...


Any chance my concern about the "New" dialogue being just plain too
tall to fit in a 640x480 screen being added to that list?  I'd
really really like to be able to add events to my calendar in some
sort of even slightly predictable manner... :)

The very top edge of whatever button is on the right at the bottom is
visible just above the bottom edge of my screen; the tops of any other
buttons are apparently concealed behind my (rather minimal) Blackbox
toolbar.  There's no part of the dialogue I can grab to move it.

Since I really want this fixed, I'll offer a few possible ideas:

1. The "Owner:" line at the top of the General "page" of this dialogue
   takes up enough vertical space that if it were put on the same line
   as "Summary:" (maybe right-justified?) the buttons at the bottom
   might be visible on my 640x480.

2. There's a large chunk of wasted space in the "Alarms" portion of
   General; moving "Audio" to the right of display would reduce the
   portion to 3 "rows" overall, etc.

3. The "Classification" portion of the dialogue is small enough that
   it could easily fit to the right of the "Owner:" and "Summary:"
   lines if #1 weren't done, and that would make the dialogue a lot
   shorter vertically.

The Recurrence "page" gadgetry takes up a lot less space, but the
dialogue starts with the larger General "page" visible and doesn't
"shrink" any when I change to Recurrence.


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