Multiple users

How much work is required to add multiple simultaneous user capability to
gnomecal and gnomecard? I want to do it using an SQL server to hold the
data and handle the locking rather than the filesystem. I have experience
with SQL and a good idea of how to do it, but I haven't played around with
Gnome and gnomecal/gnomecard much, so I was hoping to get suggestions from
some people who have.

Why? Because the company I work for is currently using one proprietory
Windows product for calendar and address book functions which has for
various reasons suddenly become terminally instable, and is about to
switch to another proprietory Windows application unless I can manage to
add the features we need to gnomecal and gnomecard (most importantly, the
ability for several users to access the calendar at once without trampling
on each other) before about Wednesday. We are very much a Linux house
(several of our main products are based on it), but we need a working
calendar right now ;).

Somewhat offtopic: I just fixed a bug in gnomecard- who should I send the
patch to?

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