Adding a new field to iCalObject

All (particularly maintainers/hackers on gnomecal):

Now that I'm back from my summer vacation, I've restarted my hacking 
on gnomecal, trying to add the features which are keeping me from 
replacing ical with gnomecal on a daily basis...

Today's project was an attempt to add a "snooze" capability to the 
alarms, at least the audio and display alarms.  One of the few 
remaining catches is that I need to add a new field to the 
CalendarAlarm structure (calobj.h); I want to stash a pointer to the 
iCalObject to which the alarm is associated--- are there any 

I'm not yet ready to commit changes in any case, but I wanted to give 
everyone a chance to tell me that I'm horribly misunderstanding the 
relationship between the structures, or violating the iCalendar spec, 
or being just plain boneheaded...

(Also, I'm assuming there's still no objection to my committing 
changes directly to CVS, assuming I've compiled/tested them on my 
machine first.  That was the impression I got the last time I asked, 
but if there's an active maintainer for gnomecal who wants to receive 
patches instead, that's fine with me.)


Russell Steinthal		Columbia Law School, Class of 2002
<>		Columbia College, Class of 1999
<>		UNIX System Administrator,

NOTE: My address will stop working in approximately
two weeks...  Use one of the current alternatives listed above!

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