Re: Multiple users

> How much work is required to add multiple simultaneous user capability to
> gnomecal and gnomecard? 

It depends exactly on what you want to do.

Making GnomeCard use an SQL server should be relatively simple, 2-3
days of hacking.

Making GnomeCal be distributed is different.  Exactly what do you want
to do in a database-centric fashion?

The plans we have for GnomeCal are:
    1. Split the GUI from the store
    2. Provide access to the store without using the GUI.
    3. Make GnomeCal use the iCalendar standard (as well as the
       current vCal).
    4. Make GnomeCal talk iMIP/iTIP to support network-based
    5. Implement iCAP to enhance the appointment setup GUI.

But I do not understand exactly what you are looking for.

>  (most importantly, the ability for several users to access the
> calendar at once without trampling on each other)

This specific hack should be simple.  Could you tell me in detail what
you need?

> Somewhat offtopic: I just fixed a bug in gnomecard- who should I send the
> patch to?

This list is ok.

Best wishes,

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